EmpireTruckCovers.com Truck Cover Review

This is a review of one of the truck covers offered at EmpireTruckCovers.com. The fine folks there sent a sample cover to test out and evaluate. So why bother with a cover for your truck? Well, in my case, I've got a leaky sunroof and a a nasty rust spot along the edge of the windshield that always leaks. Since my truck sits in my driveway, there's no avoiding the rain and snow and the musty smell that goes along with a wet interior. But there are plenty of other reasons to cover your rig. Maybe you've got a nice new paint job you want to keep nice and clean. Or maybe you park under trees and want to keep the bird "dirt" off of your paint. Or maybe you're just trying to hide an eyesore. Regardless, this review should tell you everything you need to know about the truck covers available at EmpireTruckCovers.com.


The Package

The cover arrived packaged up very nicely in it's carrying case. My first thought after seeing the cover, which of course is the size of my truck, folded nicely into this neat package was "Oh I'm never getting that back in this bag". More on that later.

The truck cover comes with some nylon straps, some other string, 2 patches, and the attached case. Unfortunately, my cover did not come with instructions, so at this point, I was on my own. But how hard can a truck cover be, right?

The material of the cover itself is very nice. The inside of the cover is soft yet tough. The outide is also a soft material but tough as nails. Tugging and pulling on the cover, it was obvious that this cover is tough. I don't park under any trees, or have small woodland animals near my home, but I imagine that this cover will withstand small branches that may fall on it as well as the occasional squirrel running across the cover.


Removing and unfolding the cover was the simple part. Laid out next to the truck, it appears to be the right size for my vehicle. Looking at it laid out, the front is clearly marked "front". Good thing, because it was not immediatly obvious. Finding the front was the important part because starting with the front proved to be the simplest way to attack this job. I initially started in the back, but that was a challenge. Once I restarted and went from front to back, things went a lot smoother despite the instructions found on the website.

The bottom edges of the cover are trimmed in elastic. This is a great feature helping the cover to tightly fit all around the truck, even down to my tires. After successfully covering the truck, my next issue was what to do with the antenna. There is no precut hole for the antenna, so I needed to cut my cover to allow for the antenna to poke through. The two donut patches were obviously provided to cover the antenna hole and prevent the cover from tearing due to wind or pulling around the antenna area.

After the antenna was tackled, the straps were used through the provided grommet holes along the bottom of the cover. The nylon straps are adjustable allowing for a tight fit, important in high wind areas. The cover does still seem to "hang" on the truck however. I would have preferred to see a tighter, more customized fit, adhering closely to the shape of my vehicle. In addition, If you do not have a tonneau cover, the cover will sag in the bed and collect quite a bit of rainwater. This proves to be a messy cleanup.



Removal and Repackaging

Removing the truck cover is quite simple as you can imagine. But that is where the simpleness ends. If you are meticulous like I am, you will be frustrated by trying to fold your cover correctly to get it back into the provided carrying bag. I was able to get it back in, but it wasn't pretty. It also took a lot of time. Not something that you're going to want to do in a hurry.


In all, I was pleased with this truck cover. It held up nicely in the weather, keeping my truck protected from the elements. I was dissapointed in the lack of instructions and it was a bit frustrating and time consuming putting the cover on and taking it off properly. This is not something that you're going to want to do on a regular basis. However, if you're covering your ride to keep it safe for long periods of time, this cover will do the trick. Just be sure to put something in the bed to help keep the water from pooling in the middle of the cover.

This truck cover lists at $204.99, on sale for $184.99 on EmpireTruckCovers.com. For the protection of your paint job, or to keep the water out of your ride, it is well worth the price and recommended by ToyotaOffRoad.com.


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